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To follow your life’s guidance, you may have to reassign some seemingly important things to ‘unimportant.’ If you believe that pleasing your horrible boss or having a spotless clean house is a higher priority than playing with your children or sleeping off the flu, be prepared for a long and strenuous battle against destiny.
Martha Beck

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2 More Days Until September

Kelle Hampton, a favorite blogger of mine, summed up the limbo between seasons nicely:

"I never said I didn’t like a nice pair of tights—particularly aubergine. I will bust out a boot with a fall plaid like nobody’s business before it’s fashionably legal in Florida. My nails are already painted a deep merlot, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t scouted this year’s Christmas long johns already, and I will not pretend the debut of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte didn’t make my heart dance a jig the other day. But we can have both—ride the line between grateful present and grateful-for-fun-to-come. That said, the white pants will live on past Labor Day for me—if not simply to give Obama a break for his tan suit. There’s surely another summer bucket list item to cross off, another sparkler to light, another impromptu barbecue waiting for us to ignite its fun. We’ll have pool parties at night and follow them with hot chocolate and cinnamon sticks. Mint green AND mustard yellow. Popsicles AND football chili. Don’t make me pick.”

Have a wonderful holiday weekend : )  I will be grilling marinated chicken, watching college football, taking a dip in the neighborhood pool, and lighting my new autumn fields candle.  xoxo

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What a crazy month/season it’s been… Life is good but things have been busy.. Both cars in our household were hit in the same week so we have been sharing a rental car and coordinating rides to work and wherever we need to go - thank goodness we will both get our cars back today!  

I also sprained my knee and I don’t really know how that happened… It was a separate injury from being in a car accident but it’s being iced and elevated as I type.

However, we have been taking advantage of this spring weather by going down to the shore, visiting family in VA, and spending time outside. I am super excited for summer, vacation, and some other exciting events that are coming up.  

Here are some photos from the past month or so!

Have a happy weekend! 

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